Wuxi Airstorm 2019 Productronica Shanghai Exhibition successfully concluded

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On March 20-22, 2019, the three-day 2019 Productronica Shanghai Exhibition was successfully concluded. This time, the company's latest equipment was unveiled at the feast of the annual wire processing industry in Productronica Shanghai. The three-day booth was crowded and the audience was enthusiastic.


New product launch

  1. TD310-PIN,Plug with direction insertion machine

  2. HSSC500-PCM,Heavy wire strip-seal-crimp machine

1  TD310-PIN Blind Pin Machine
TD310-PIN is a fully automatic plug with direction insertion machine, which mainly solves the predicament of the industry's manual insertion. The cycle time of insertion each pin less than 1S is highly efficiency, and it is equipped with CCD detection function, which greatly guarantees the quality of the product. As a pioneer in the whole industry, this equipment won the praise of the audience once it was exhibited. Many customers have reached the purchase intention with the sales manager after understanding the situation on site.

2  HSSC500-PCM Heavy wire strip-seal-crimp machine
HSSC500-PCM heavy wire strip-seal-crimp machine  breaks the problem of large square line crimping, supports 4-10mm2 wire diameter and is equipped with crimping detective as always, which ensures the efficiency and the quality of crimping. Tool-free changeover also provides convenience for small batch and multi-variety production. It supports the function of scanner, which is convenient for changing the programme and reduces manual misoperation.

Featured products

  1. TD210-Blind Seal , Blind Seal machine(TD Machine)

  2. SSC501 Series Dual Wire Strip Crimp Machine

  3. ASM400-Automatic Sealing Machine

  4. AGA300 Series Automatic Grommet Assembly Machine

1  TD310-PIN Blind Seal Machine(TD Machine)  
Less than 1S efficiency of a seal/stick, 1min change time, the same equipment is compatible with a variety of connectors, these advantages make people more aware of the "customer thinking" of the equipment, but also make people feel the product of the company Constant pursuit and excellence.

2  SSC501 Series Dual Wire Strip Seal Crimp Machine
In the eye-opening hall, there are not only our strip-seal-crimp machine , but as a pioneer of the Airstorm SSC501, we are constantly upgrading and improving. This year's new cable stripping detection function makes the product quality more secure. The Cycle time reaches 2.8S (PC), and 3.4S (PCM) is also the leader in the same type of products, giving the old customers a refreshing feeling.

3  ASM400 Automatic Sealing Machine
As a classic product, it has a good reputation in the market. This year, not only equipped with a new type of  hand-held device, the operation is more convenient, the aluminum shell ensures the quality of the hand-held device, and the cycle time is only 0.2S, which stands out among the competitors. Moreover, the patented seal check is demonstrated, which can effectively and stably detect the quality of the seal. This feature will revolutionize the current state of tethering without the quality.

4  AGA300 Series Automatic Grommet Assembly Machine
The modular concept makes it easy for changeover, no oil ensures product line quality, safety grating protection to ensure the safe production of operators. This time also brought a simple version of the AGA310-2, which can support up to two modules, which improves the cost performance of the device.

In 2020, we will continue to meet each other~ expect more new products to appear in Shanghai~ See you!

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